Roller blind

It is an interior shading system increasingly popular; everyone can find its preferred type from the existing wide range.

Among the textiles used one can choose:

  • translucent
  • shuttering
  • sun-reflecting
  • wood effect
  • patterned
  • interior shading mesh


  • with beads: width: max. 130cm, height: max. 180cm
  • new beads: maximum width: 230cm; height: max. 250cm
  • cassette: maximum height: 150cm
  • cassette equipped with beads: maximum height: 140cm

Depending on their operation they can be:

  • roller blinds designed for attic windows
  • roller blinds for attic windows – they can be stopped only by a clip
  • cassette roller blinds – complete shuttering solution
  • mounted vertically
  • with spring – it can be stopped in any position due to the ball of the device (axle: 25 mm)
  • It can be operated with a bead chain

– mini beads (axle: 16mm)

– beads (axle: 25mm)

– new beads (axle: 32mm)

– reinforced structure (axle: 36mm)

– maxi structure (axle: 47mm)

– version with cassette equipped with beads up to 25-47 mm; we can also manufacture the motorized version

– motorized