Roller shutter

AN-LUX roller blinds systems

Roller blinds are the most common form of shading. As part of modern architecture, these external shading systems can customize the façades of buildings. The advantage of exterior shading systems is that they stop 70-80% of the sunbeams before the window glass.

  • ordinary, basic type (Lindab box, side cover sheet, plastic ruler/support)
  • Alu side cover (Alu side cover, Alu/ Lindab box, plastic ruler/support, metal axle)
  • aluminum
  • aluminum roller blind: with support systems mounted on the guide rail
  • the case can be plastered
  • RONDO box:
    • Quarter RONDO
    • Half RONDO
  • roller garage door: with blades of 55 mm and respectively 77 mm

Why do we recommend them?

  • relatively low acquisition costs for roller blinds equipped with box with ordinary side cover or aluminum cover
  • thanks to the execution of the roller blind with case that can be plastered, they integrate discreetly, almost invisibly in the façade of the building. It is the ideal choice in case of newly constructed buildings.
  • roller garage doors form a unitary whole with roller blinds mounted on windows both in terms of colour and in terms of their form

Box size (depth x height):

  • 175 mm x 170 mm
  • 215 mm x 210 mm
  • 255 mm x 245 mm

According to the method of mounting, execution which can be opened from the inside, bottom, respectively with plasterable execution.

Why do we recommend them?

  • practical choice for PVC windows or doors
  • they can be fitted as a whole with the window or door
  • bicameral system, perfect thermal insulation

Depending on the mode of operation:

  • band / cord
  • hand crank
  • with spring
  • electrical:
    • they work with on/off switch
    • they function with remote control


  • Insect-proof screen can be installed in any model of roller blind
  • The group of aluminum roller blinds may be combined with insect-proof screen or/and with shading mesh

Materials used

  • Blade
    • PVC: UV stable, of 37, maximum 50 mm
    • Aluminum: filled with polyurethane foam (dimensions: 37, 39, 40, 45, 55, 77)
    • Extruded aluminum profiles
  • Boxes
    • laminated aluminum
    • extruded aluminum
    • Lindab plate

The box, guides, terminal plate have the same colour as the windows slats and frame, a wide range of RAL colors or colours of Renolit films.