External Venetian blinds

The External Venetian Blinds (EVB) shading systems have become increasingly popular in our country. Their principle of operation is similar to that of the interior horizontal blinds but they have a massive execution, efficient and extremely resistant to external factors. Their advantage is that we can control the penetration of natural light, without being forced to give up the fresh air.
Curved blades of 80 mm have rolled edges and can be ordered in many colours. EVB require guide that can be resolved either through straining or through the guide rails. The metal seals of the guide rail coated with rubber reduce noise during operation and are useful for a uniform rolling.
The movement of the blinds is done with the crank or it is motorized. If you decide on motorized operation, you can choose from the following versions: with switch, remote control or completely automated.
In the case of subsequent installation, the blades are tightened in the protection box; for new buildings the system will fit into wall.
Our company produces 3 types of external venetian blinds provided with the following blind slats: C80, Z90 and S93.
At the same time, we sell systems of external venetian blinds with protective role, produced by our Swiss partner GRIESSER, designed to function based on a cord.
No matter which type you decide upon, we guarantee that, thanks to the quality parts and weather resistant blades, you will be satisfied with our products for many years.
A new product is dust-proof paint with nanotechnology that is currently available only for the C80 profile.